We have to find ways to change the paradigm – Einladung zur TEESNet Conference in Liverpool

von La Nave - Schule die bewegt am 15. September 2017
  • Agenda 2030

14 th  September 2017, Liverpool Hope University Liverpool
Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability  Network (TEESNet)
Tenth Annual Conference

Making the Sustainable Development Goals Real: The Role of Teacher Education in Promoting Quality Education for  Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education (ESD/GCE) in Schools.

Wir wurden eingeladen, das Konzept der Scuola Vivante vorzustellen. Viele engagierte Pädagogen, Ausbildnerinnen, NGOs, Politiker, Lehrplanentwicklerinnen; interessante Gespräche; vielfältige Einblicke.

We Have to Find Ways to Change the Paradigm: Presenting ‘Mare Nostrum – A Concert. A Journey’
Veronika Müller Mäder, School Principal Scuola Vivante, Switzerland
Phil Hotchkiss, former teacher Scuola Vivante, UK

Over the past 25 years the ScuolaVivante, a small independent school in Switzerland, has developed a concept that reflects the objectives of the Agenda 2030. It is a central concern of the ScuolaVivante to work for diversity of life, a fair world, dialogue between different cultures, democratic values and a careful treatment of the earth and with oneself. Since April 2010 the ScuolaVivante is a UNESCO-associated school and in 2013 the school was awarded with the “Swiss School Prize”.

The long-term film project “MARE NOSTRUM – A concert. A journey.” connects three stories:

  • the “Mare Nostrum” concert by the Catalan musician and UNESCO peace ambassador JordiSavall with 18 outstanding instrumentalists and vocalists from eleven nations around the Mediterranean and the choir of the ScuolaVivante
  • interviews of the students with the musicians from the ensemble
  • the educational trip to the écolevivante partner school in Morocco

The film is a synthesis of the arts, showing the dialogue of three generations of the three great monotheistic world religions from eleven nations around the Mediterranean, in an effort to find inner and outer peace.The film is the conclusion of a pedagogical work of the ScuolaVivante conducted by a team of educators, students, parents, former students, course leaders, musicians and film makers. It shows how a school is able to work together within a topic and to link it to the different disciplines and subjects in a daily school routine. It shows one possibility of a paradigm shift in the context of education.