Stones, time and fantasy

von La Nave - Schule die bewegt am 27. Februar 2021
  • Allgemein

During our last days in Sennwald the kids had the opportunity to draw on stones. The idea is to write the school e-mail on the stones then the kids can decide where to leave them: will someone find them and send us back a picture?

This project was optional, but almost all kids participated actively. I was impressed by their patience: most of the pupils decided to have a black background, but in this case, they had to wait quite a longtime before the stone was ready and well dried to paint something on top. Nevertheless, they had the patience to wait and the time to think about what they could have drawn. We tried to use this time in the best way and so we spoke a lot in English and we played team games.

This activity is well related to the theme Time (or “Mee/hr Zeit): they needed a lot of time to find the right stone, even more time to wait until the stone was dry and ready and finally they had the chance to drawn something on it! And of course, the passage of time was perceived differently in every single step of the initiative.

All the stones are very different and reflect the kids thoughts. It’s always a pleasure to watch them use their fantasy and creativity. …let’s wait now a bit more time …to find out who will use his/her time to send us some pictures back😊 (Francesca de Micheli)